Relinquishing your parrot to All Star Parrots


ASP can help you to find a new forever home for your parrot in the event of you finding that  you can no longer keep your parrot. There are many reasons people have to rehome their parrots and here at ASP, we pride ourselves on trying to make the process as comfortable for you as we can, Our team of welfare officer try their best to help you through this difficult time.

The process

Once you have made contact with ASP, we will arrange for a welfare officer to come and collect your parrot.  There are some paperwork that relinquishes the parrot in to our care. We will either place your parrot into a safehouse ( somebody who has passed a home check and temporary cares for a parrot ) till the right home is found or into a forever home if we have one waiting, You can also keep your parrot in your own home if you prefer until a home is found. 

We can give you updates on how your parrot is doing if this is something that you prefer to have. 

Once your parrot moves to a forever home, again this home would of passed a home check, the adoptee would sign the adoption paperwork, the charity will still remain the owner of the bird and in the case of the bird no longer being able to stay in the adoption home ( parrots live a long life and circumstances may change in the future ), the parrot has to be returned to the charity and a new home will be found. This protects your parrot for the rest of its natural life.

In you need to relinquish your parrot, please contact


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