This is the current rehoming list and list for birds being assessed. 

If you think you can offer any of the birds a loving home, please email


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ASP98 – Lottie – Orange Wing Amazon




ASP291 – Kermit – Quaker Parrot




Sammy & Tilly – Conures




ASP275 – Mrs Bird – Orange Wing Amazon




ASP271 – Iggy – Green Cheek Conure




ASP244 – Abe – Orange Wing Amazon




ASP242 – Deano – Blue fronted amazon




ASP254 – Kiwi – Patagonia Conure




Deohgee – Indian Ring Neck




ASP246 – Thea – Black Headed Caique




ASP260 – Fred – Blue Fronted Amazon




ASP283 – Oliver and Bluebell – Lineolated Parakeets



These Parrots are currently being assessed and will be added once been assessed



ASP199 – Scooby – Blue fronted Amazon

















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