Parrot rehoming list

This is the current list of birds looking for their forever home. Please click on the links and read the write-ups,
All birds carry a rehoming fee and you will need to be a paid member which is a gold star membership.
Gold Star is £50 and only paid once.

ASP146 – Rudy and Precious – Lovebirds

Pepsi – OWA – ASP196

Hi my name is Pepsi… I am a orange wing Amazon… I am quite scared still and will growl and show aggressive attitude but really all I want is being stroked on my head… I interact with my Safe house owner quite well but on my terms only…i was a bully to my old owner and got my own way all the time cause I scared him. I need someone who understands my species as I can be very vocal (I do whistle also)…my Safe house has other bird’s which I am learning not to bully… I really could be very loving in the right situation.. I am not quite ready to go to another owner yet but if I learn quickly I will be ready soon.
I do come with a cage and I’m currently based in Northampton.
If Pepsi has stolen your heart and you would like to apply to adopt then please email with your interest.

These are currently being assessed

ASP194 – Tosh – Senegal parrot

ASP199 – Scooby – Blue Fronted Amazon

ASP203 – Bertie – African Grey


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