Nala – Blue and Gold Macaw

Name : Nala

Species : Blue and Gold Macaw

Description : Nala is a female blue and gold macaw who is 5yrs old and looking for her forever home. Nala was rescued from very neglectful conditions. She was given a full avian vet check and treatment and has come on leaps and bounds. Sadly, her chest feathers will never regrow however, we think this makes her extra special! Nala cannot fly properly, and it would be great to find a calm home where she can be taught this. Nala is attached more to men and gets very excitable and screams for attention when her foster dad comes home. Nala however does seem to accept some handling from her current foster mum too. Nala loves a daily mist /shower. She also likes to explore the floor and she needs to have the freedom to do this without fear of other animals. Nala enjoys a varied diet, veg, fruit, sprouted seed, Harrison’s pellets and She loves pistachios too. She is used to routine and 12 hours sleep every night.


Location : Weston super Mare

Cage : Yes 

Donation fee : Yes

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