Nala – Blue and Gold Macaw

Name : Nala

Species : Blue and Gold Macaw

Description :Nala is a gorgeous 6 year old, female blue and gold macaw

Nala just loves the men although she will tolerate females!

Nala like all parrots needs a good routine, the right environment for a large parrot and boundaries!

Nala needs lots of attention and ongoing training. She does step up and she will take food from you and allow you to stroke her, as long as she is in the mood!
Nala has previously plucked to the extent her feathers will not grow back so her belly and the tops of her wings are bare but this just makes her more beautiful ❤️

Nala is on a diet of fruit, veg, pellets and also has an occasional treat of a good quality seed mix. She can be a little fussy with fruit and veg and will just empty the bowl over the floor of the cage if she’s being mischievous! She does love scrambled egg and porridge!

Nala doesn’t particularly like water for a bath or a shower, however when the hoover is on she will bath in her water!

Nala is a beautiful bird but just needs time with someone that she can bond with. Her speech is amazing she will chat away all day in between naps, she also benefits from 12 hours sleep.
Nala is currently a non flyer but hopefully with time, patience and the right environment this may change.
She does love to be out of her cage and she sits happily on the top of it.
Nala has been around other birds and is also used to cats and dogs.

We are looking for a suitable experienced forever home.

 Location : Plymouth

Cage : Yes 

Donation fee : Yes

To apply to offer Nala a loving forever home please contact Parrot Trust Scotland


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