Name : Deoghee

Species : Indian Ring Neck

Description : This is dog (pronounced deohgee).  We love our girl so much but we have to put her needs above ours. Due to situations in our lives she’s not getting the attention she needs

Let me tell you some pros and cons about her
Her personality is amazing she has so many different characteristics. I hand reared and hand fed her from 8 weeks old. When she learnt to fly she was so determined. Many times I thought we had a boy. But she was 2 years old on the 25h of February and shes had tonnes of malts. So we mostly feel she’s a girl. She’s great with children and she even has a little jack Russell best buddy called ruby. She LOVES baths and showers and sprays. She love toys and cheeky nibbles like the occasional carrot top! But she does love off of mainly a veg diet with a little bit of fruit and a little bit of seeds. She mostly like food she can make a mess with. You can tell she tries to repeat I love you but she’s not quite there yet and she SWUALKS SO LOUD it could make your ears bleed. When she’s unhappy and left in her cage to long as she loves to stretch her wings. She loves the occasional cage in the garden day. Obviously when its not to hot or cold. She goes crazy for phones screens especially if you Youtube other talking birds. She can play football (kind of) 😂 with ping-pong balls. She hates fingers for some reason so I get her out of her cage with my hand in a Fist. She needs to be covered with her special blanket every night.
Now the reason I’m not selling her for money is because we have very set needs for her. I want to make sure she’s getting what she needs. So preferably somebody who has had experience with Indian ring necks previously, I feel they’d know how to feed her and deal with any little insecurity’s she may have. I need someone who is home often where she can be out of her cage to stretch as often as possible. She currently resides in the house with an African grey and they seem to get on find so I shouldn’t think other birds would be a bother. She’s very versatile like that. And preferably not an extremely small home so she can fly where she likes. I’ve made her album public on my Facebook profile so if you’d like more pictures please feel free to head over there and nose down the deohgee album

Location: Heathrow

Cage : Yes

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