ASP reference: ASP98 

Name: Lottie

Species: Blue Fronted Amazon

Description: Hello! My name is Lottie and I am an very beautiful Blue Fronted Amazon! My safehouse mum thinks I am around 19years old so I am still quiet young really. I come with my lovely cage and perches and my favourite type of toys are ones that I can shred apart and destroy. Unfortunately I came to my safehouse mum very scared of hands but she has been spending lots and lots of time with me so now I don’t mind having head scratches and sitting on your knee once you have learned my trust. Opera is my favourite type of music and I’ll sing along to it. I can say a few things such as ” hello” “Lottie” “good girl” and “come on”. It will take me a few days to settle in and I don’t like other birds around me so I need that special lady I can have one on one time with. I am currently on a yummy tidymix diet and enjoy eating apples, bananas, grapes and corn on the cob. I don’t know how to step up yet but I am sure with lots of time and patience i will learn. I need a owner who can spend a lot of time with me and to get me used to being touched even more.

Location: Cirencester area

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