ASP421 – Alfie and Daisy – Yellow Crown and Blue Fronted Amazon

ASP ref: ASP421

Name: Alfie & Daisy

Species: Yellow Crown and Blue Fronted Amazon

Description: Alfie 27 yrs old yellow fronted Amazon semi hand tame, he needs some work away from his partner, has stepped up but only on his terms, very good talker, He loves fruit and veg of any type he is on johnson and jeff premium mix also kaytee exact prefers men to women , His partner Daisy 37 years old Blue fronted amazon,she is a good talker also but alot quieter than Alfie, daisy is cautious but will come to you, and needs a little work on gaining trust, Again eats all fruit and veg and on the same diet, Prefers men …These are a bonded pair not to be separated , they are both very good flyers, they like the company of other birds, they will happily sit on their cage have a fly about and go back to their cage

Location: Plymouth

Cage: No

Donation Fee: £200

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