Oscar is in the process of being adopted

ASP ref: ASP411 

Species: Senegal Parrot

Name: Oscar

Description: Oscar is a four year old Senegal parrot
Oscar loves being out of his cage and enjoys exploring the floor more than anything. He’s happy with male or female handlers but I wouldn’t recommend for small children as sometimes he can give a nasty nip! I also am prone to plucking
Oscar is a good eater and enjoys his morning vegetables and fruits , he especially likes kiwi, sweetcorn, tangerines and peas . If he sees you eating he will want whatever you are eating as well which is a good way of getting him to try different foods .
He has his tropican pellets In The afternoons .
Oscar loves to chew cardboard and egg cartons , he really isn’t into toys and ignores the ones I’ve hung up for him in his cage . He mostly likes sitting on your shoulder and getting affection ( head scratches)
He enjoys his green tea and chamomile tea along with his water .
Oscar loves being out in his cage on a sunny day , I hung fruits from a skewer which he really enjoyed . He loves foraging for things so I hide treats inside screwed up paper for him to find. He really likes metal bowls and cups to tap his beak on and make his little tunes .He mimics short whistles and try’s to say hello
Oscar doesn’t like going back into his cage and can be very cage territorial when your cleaning it so it’s best not to have him on your shoulder while doing anything with the cage .
Oscar is doing very well with his potty training and will ‘go poop’ when asked too if he can ( so cute ) sometimes when he wants his head Socrates he will raise his foot to his head to tell you which is adorable 🥰
Oscar will make someone a fabulous companion he also isn’t bothered about other birds , but he doesn’t like my cat or dog and will alarm call when the walk near his cage

Cage: Yes

Location: Scunthorpe

Donation fee: £75

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