Name: Timmy

Species: Timneh Grey 

Description: Timmy is a 22 year old Timneh Grey.
He is beautifully feathered and does not pluck. Sadly due to the ilness of his previous owner he has not been out of his cage for four years.
Since arrival here he has shown no inclination to leave his cage so it is not known whether he can fly.
He is not interested in any toys.
His owner told me that “he’s a grumpy bird, set in his ways and unwilling to trust anyone”.
He likes music and occasionally does a little bobbing dance, but he never responds to the noise of our other parrots despite his previous owner saying “He ruled the roost!!”.
We were told that his language was questionable but he hasn’t said anything so far.
We were warned that he actively detests women! Sadly he has bitten my husband when being cleaned out, so, we haven’t had much success with helping him to relax.
We have maintained his previous routine. He is good about trying different fruit and vegetables.
Used to family dogs, unsure of children.

Age: approx. 22 years
Cage: Yes
Location: Billericay, Essex.
Donation Fee: £0 I am Cites
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