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ASP Ref: ASP395

Name: Angola

Species: Quaker Parrot

Description: This is Angola, a blue and white quaker who is 3 years old. She has been in safe house for about 4 months now, and has kept her mummy busy, amused and amazed. But don’t be fooled by the cute little face and little body, she is a strong character who will, at times test your command skills and your patience. She requires a confident handler with understanding of bird behaviour, who can also care for her other needs. She is at the moment a little hormonal but ensuring that she gets at least 10 hours sleep in quiet and darkness will help. She is a bright and affectionate little bird and will respond positively to the right person. She is known to prefer males, however we think it’s more about understanding and striking up a good rapport with little Angola, regardless of gender. She will need to switch back to the right foods for her, reintroducing pellets and more veggies. She is currently an only bird, but previously she did have a distant friend, a sennie, who unfortunately got jealous of her and didn’t reciprocate her feelings. So she would be well integrated with other birds of similar size. Any questions please just ask the charity.


Cage: Yes

Location: Halifax Yorkshire

Donation fee: £75

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