ASP Ref: ASP380

Name: Elvis

Species: Lesser sulphur crested cockatoo


My name is Elvis. Nobody knew my name before I came to my safehouse. But the mini humans here said because I have a beautiful crest, That Elvis suited me.

I’m a lovely lad really, but I prefer the company of men. I’ve been out and played with the SH dad here. I have bitten him a couple of times when I have gotten over excited, but on the whole I’m usually quite good. I’m a bit of a messy eater when it comes to seed, but I do love ALL my fruit and veg, I’d eat it all day long if you let me.

I’m not so fussy with toys, I like ropes and chewing card but otherwise I prefer the fine art of conversation! I’m not shy about letting you know if I want to talk to you because I make a big squalk. I can’t only say a few words like “what do you think you’re doing” and “what you doing” but I enjoy listening to people telling me how pretty I am. I’m around 35 years old do I have a few plucked bits on my chest that I don’t think will grow back. Male pattern baldness huh? It must run in my family! I also can’t see too well out of my left eye. It doesn’t bother me at all, I can still walk well and climb and I even try to jump, the safe house mum doesn’t think I can fly because all I do is hope up your arm because I like to sit on shoulders. They don’t let me do that though because if I get too excited I might lunge at a face. I do like wandering around but I like to chew furniture so it’s under supervision.

I dont mind children but I would prefer older children as they are a little less unpredictable for me. I’m sure there must be a nice man out there who will be friends with me and look after me!

This is Elvis… Signing off….

At ease boys


Cage: Yes

Location: Stoke on Trent

Donation Fee: I am cited so £0

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