I am currently in the process of being adopted

ASP ref: ASP370

Name: Fred

Age: 8 months

Species: African Grey


Introducing Fred,

Fred arrived into the charity in January with some minor behavioural issues. However, from his own doing and natural will to please has come incredibly far developing into a lovely and loyal bird with bags of character!

Fred responds incredibly well to training and has so much potential due to being incredibly bright.

Fred’s issues are cage panics where he can sometimes get scared and try to take off in his cage(never at night, he sleeps solid), However, with a calm approach and no reaction this has reduced dramatically. His foster daddy believes this will eventually stop. Though it is no big deal.

He is also undergoing flight training because his wings were clipped at such a young age it has damaged his confidence he often takes off with no idea where hes going! Its never far because he crash lands, followed by ‘give me kiss’ and just steps back up. As his flight feathers come back in he will become a more accurate flyer. A no big deal and calm approach is the way to Freds heart and food!

Fred develops trust quickly when he gets to know you and loves head scratches or as he calls it ‘tickle tickle’

He lives with another African grey in his foster home who he spends hours talking to. He does have a cage but requires a new cage, ideally a bit larger.

Fred is ready and longing for a forever home where he can bond and continue to develop. A full training plan will be given with Fred to continue his enrichment. This boy has so much love to give and just wants the same in return. His foster dad describes him as truly unique, loving and incredible.

If you can offer him a calm and loving home please apply today!

Location: Somerset

Cage: Yes but needs a new one or new lock 

Donation: £150 (Charity holds the A10 Paperwork)

You will need to be a Gold Star member to adopt any of the ASP birds


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