ASP Ref: ASP366

Name: Ozzie

Species: Rainbow lorikeet

Description: Looking for a forever home.
This is Ozzie, a rainbow lorikeet and around 3 years old. He came into the rescue due to his previous owner becoming unwell and not being able to offer him the time he needed.
Unlike most parrots lorikeets require a specialist diet consisting of nectar, fruit and some veg. Lorikeets must not be fed seed or pellet!!
Lorikeets have a high moisture diet and a relatively short digestive tract, which make for a very quick transit time. This means that they will eat a LOT and likely have frequent and often very loose projectile droppings.
This will mean a good, thorough clean of his cage daily as can get very mucky.
Ozzie will need lots of interaction out of his cage, he can be a lovely gentle boy but can get very aggressive where food is involved. He doesn’t really have a preference to male or female and ok around children although doesn’t favour them. Ozzie loves his baths, music and all attention on him. He loves lots of toys especially things with bells and ones that make a noise.
He still needs a little encouragement with experimenting different kinds of fruits and veg but his diet is improving a lot.
Ozzie needs a home that understands his diet, it is essential that he has a strict routine with his nectar, fruit and veg so he gets all the goodness he needs. Without nectar lorikeets would not survive.
If you think you can adapt to Ozzie’s needs and offer him a fantastic home please email

Cage: Yes

Location: Essex

Donation Fee: £150

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