Name: Nobby

Species: Pineapple green cheek

Description: My name is Nobby, and I am four years old. I’m a pineapple green cheek conure. I am a confident andsociable little guy, and I’m very friendly, but do not let my size fool you, what I lose in size I make up for in noise, because I love to chat to you all day long! I used to have a budgie as a best friend, but have never lived with another conure. I am use to an excellent diet of harrisons pellets, various vegetables and fruits and sprouted seeds. Some of my favourite things are homemade parrot cake which I have daily, bubble and squeak and I adore a grape. I love to be out of my cage whenever possible and explore my environment and I also like to go outside, in my special bag to hang out the laundry with you. I will let you know when I want to go out by putting myself in the bag. If you can offer me a five-star home, then please get in touch.

Location: Taunton, Somerset

Cage: Yes

Donation Fee: £75

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