Reference: ASP347

Species: Lesser Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

Name: Ozzy


Hi I’m Ozzy I’m a 28 year old lesser sulphur cockatoo, I’ve been with my safe house family a few weeks now, in this time my safe house mummy has been working me out, trying to find out my likes and dislikes, my foods I enjoy and also my temperament.
I’m a beautiful loud cockatoo but aren’t all cockatoo species 😂 I made a friend straight away he is a five year old boy. Even though I have shown no aggression towards my safe house mum or the rest of them who live here, the 5 year old is my favourite I will jump straight on him, I will play with him, I will even go back to my cage for him, My safe house mum I haven’t actually stepped up for yet but I’ve had my cuddles with her on settee I will make my way to you as I love attention and having cuddles. There is a teenage girl that comes here mon-fri after school for a few hours and while she is in the house my head feathers go up my wings come out and I scream very loud at her, my safe house mum can’t figure out what I don’t like about her, she has took her glasses off tied her hair up and even removed different coloured clothing before she comes in to see if it makes a difference, which it didn’t. It’s not as if I don’t like females as I do I’m fine with my safe house mum and even her female friends that come round I’m a show off really, I have always had female owner. My safe house mum believes I will be fine with males and females and also kids.
So my diet is not very good as I’ve always been fed on black stripped sunflower seeds for a very long time, so trying to change my diet is quite difficult, my safe house mum has been giving me different Johnstone and Jeff mix with a few of my sunflower seeds in which I throw all over as all I want is my sunflower seed, I will not entertain the pellets she was trying to give me. I am getting better and my safe house mum is putting less and less sunflower seeds everyday yes I’m counting. My favourite veg is peas I love them and get a lovely messy beak with them, I also enjoy potato I will try anything really veg and fruit wise but I will leave what I don’t want.
I’m a very funny character and say hello, do you want a biscuit when anyone says do you want a cup of tea. I love to dance and I hold on to the side of my cage with my beak and wave at you. I love to be out the cage, I like to hop around from place to place my safe house mum says ozzy your not a kangaroo 😂 but I like to hop from place to place. I can fly and will fly to you if I want to mainly for a head scratch or I like to tap on your hand with my beak.
I will make someone a great companion if you can offer me the attention and love that I need. Please be aware I am a cockatoo and I can scream very loud when I want you or something. This is me it’s who I am I just want to be with you that’s all.
If you have any questions about me feel free to message my safe house mum she is happy to answer anything you need to know.
I’m currently safe housed in Doncaster.
Hope I find my forever home soon

Location: Doncaster

Donation fee: £0 as i’m Cites

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