ASP Ref: ASP322

Species: Blue and Gold Macaw

Name: Blue

Description: Hi, my name is Blue and I’m about 6 years old. I used to live with another macaw, but he bullied me so we got separated. As you can see I’m a bit ‘oven ready’, but I’m trying really hard to stop pulling my feathers out and have got a lot of new ones coming through. I like a good variety of fruit n veg and have just swapped from eating seed to pellet, which I’m really enjoying. I can be a little noisy at times, although I am learning to control my excitement lol. I will not step up from off my cage, but will let you pick me up if I’m away from it. I love a head tickle. I don’t really have a preference for men or women, I like who I like and just love attention!!. There is another macaw here in my safe house, but we don’t bother with each other. If you think you could give me a forever home then please get in touch….

Location: Bridlington

Cage: Yes, but I really need a new one as mine is not very good

Donation: £250

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