ASP Reference: ASP320

Name: Cleo

Species: African Grey

Description: Hello my name is Cleo I’m a 10yr grey with a great personality, I do like my main Carer to be a male, I do like females but so much happier with a male.
My foster dad got me from my old owner and in days I started to trust him and I love him so so much, he changed my food to tidymix from cheap seed and I am not keen on pellets, I didn’t  know what fruit or veg was now I love it and get it daily, loving different nuts also, I used to love monkey nuts! my foster dad said I can’t have them as they are not very good for me, my favourite fruit is grapes, yum yum.

I love to chat away all day and love to be with company as much as I can. I do like to be out all day if I can. I love to sit on the door of the living room and knock on it and say “come in” and fly about and to my cage quick drink and out before anyone notices I’m in and close my door.  Who ever decides to adopt me will need to buy me a cage as I do not come with one.
My foster dad has loaned me one for now so I can be safe at night and get some sleep.
Location: Exeter
Cage: No
Donation fee: £0 I am cited
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