ASP Reference: ASP311

Name: Charlie

Species: African Grey

Description: Hello my name is Charlie, I’m a 13 year old male african grey. I have had 2 owners which were friends and my 2nd owner was my holiday carer when my owner was away… one day I stayed there and had a happy 6 years however when we moved my owners were working 12 hour shifts and I was left  so long that they worried about me. They wanted me to have a family life with lots of attention like I used to have so they brought me to my safe house with asp. I’m very chatty and friendly with both men and women but I dont like to be handled just a stroke. I have a vast array of sayings and whistles and I can be very funny. I love my food but I need to learn to eat more fruit and vegetables as I throw them aside and then laugh at my carer…. I have a cage although it is very old, I like to say goodnight when I’m covered up and goodbye when you go out. I’m a happy little boy just wanting a family to settle with for a long time

Location: Hull

Cage: Yes

Donation fee: £0 I am Cites

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