Reference: ASP304

Name: Merlin

Species: Derbyan parrot

Description: Hi I’m merlin, I’m a derbyan parakeet and looking for my forever home. My safe house mum now believes it’s my time to find my perfect home so I’m going to tell you a little bit about myself.
I’m currently living with 3 children and have been perfectly fine, I do like to keep myself to myself and love being out my cage, I will come to you when I want to, I haven’t mastered this stepping up thing my safe house mum keeps trying, I just prefer to fly to you when I want some attention. I also been here with an African grey, which I’m unsure of, I show no aggression towards him at all, but if he comes near I will move away from him, he has landed on my cage a few times and I will just move to a different part of cage. When I’m in my cage and kids stick there fingers to try and stroke me I move away from them rather then bite, if I want a head scratch you will know as I move my head from side to side that’s when I’m ready for my head scratch, which I do enjoy. My safe house mum puts me in my cage when there eating as I will fly to eat any human food I can get to, which she tells me I’m not allowed, which I don’t thinks fair but I know its doing me good.
I love chewing Wood so please get me lots of  wooden toys in my cage.
I’m currently in my safe houses mum spare cage so will need a new cage who ever adopts me. I’m really am a beautiful boy and I love to be sprayed everyday, I’m currently eating low sunflower seed Johnston and Jeff, they keep trying me with pellets but I just throw them out my bowl. I do prefer men over women, however I do go to my safe house mum when I want to, I have fell in love with my safe house dad but he keeps putting me back on my cage as I get a little rude and regurgitate my food for him.
So if you have room for me in your home and would like to give me my forever home please send an email of interest.
Looking forward to meeting my new forever family.
Hope to meet you soon

Cage: No

Location: Doncaster

Donation fee: £75

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