ASP Reference: ASP291

Name: Kermit

Description: Kermit is a blue Quaker parrot very friendly and loves to be around people he is 1 years old and still learning things he will step up and respond to don’t bite and be gentle. When is out of the cage he likes to sit on your shoulder. When he is in his cage,  he likes to play with paper and cardboard. He likes his food and is on a diet of harrington’s seed he has sunflower seeds only used when training. He also likes his veg daily. Kermit would make a lovely pet he likes male and female but have a moment tend to go for male more so at night. He likes to be covered with his blanket, he doesn’t mind being around other birds and if he is in his cage and he hears people he shouts and calls and whistles for attention. Kermit is still a baby and has lots to learn. 

Cage: Yes

Location: Wiltshire

Donation fee: £100

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