Reference: ASP290

Name: Ozzy

Species: African Grey


Let me introduce you to Ozzy 14 year old Africa Grey.
Ozzy is a definite mans bird and is so friendly and easy going with males , he isn’t a fan of the ladies and is very unsure of us females  and will bite you if you invade his space .
He’s a lovely well behaved lad other than that and will happily sit on his swing chatting away to himself ,  he doesn’t really play with his toys and prefers to shred paper or cardboard toys .
Ozzy loves his fresh vegetables and eats very well ,  I’ve tried him with pellets but he hasn’t eaten any to date, he also likes his Johnson and jeffs lean and fit seed mix .  He has daily sprays which he seems to enjoy now he wasn’t over keen when he first came to me.
Ozzy has us all laughing with his vocabulary and has a really sweet gentle ladies voice for such a big bird his favourite sayings are..
It’s too hot
Hey get down !
I love you
Bye Ozzy
Hello Ozzy
Hey you stop it !
Ozzy is so lovely and it would be great to get him into his forever home for Christmas
Location: Scunthorpe
Cage: No
Donation fee: £0 I am Cites
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