ASP260 _ Fred – Blue Fronted Amazon

ASP Ref: ASP260

Species: Blue Fronted Amazon

Description: Hello my name is Fred, I’m a blue fronted amazon and I’m around 28 years of age. I came to my safe house family 3 weeks ago as my previous owner of 10 years sadly passed away. I have enjoyed my time here and I have certainly taken to my male carer, I don’t say to many words apart from hello, my name and scratch scratch. I love scratch scratch and once I’m away from my cage I will spend many hours on your shoulder whilst you carry out your daily tasks, I then love to prune you and a scratch scratch from you, I dont fly off as I can’t fly to far now, it can be pretty difficult though to convince me out of my cage and I much prefer you to remove the lid so I can step onto your shoulder rather than your hand… my safe house carer is confident that I’m in good health and that if you would be interested in offering me a permanent home so I can once again settle. I do have my own cage but it’s a little tired now as I used to live in a workshop so a new one would be lovely.
please contact using the email provided, thankyou Fred

Cage: Yes

Donation Fee: £150

Location: Hull

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