Name: Sammy and Timmy

Species: Yellow sided and Cinnnamon conure

Description: Sammy and Timmy are a bonded pair of conures (not sexed). Sammy is a yellow sided and Timmy is a cinnamon. They are approximately 10 months old. We are generally very quiet guys who like to keep ourselves to ourselves, we are not tame but will take a treat from you through the bars, we are not aggressive at all just very shy! We love nothing more than sitting on our cage or up high watching the world go by so we would love a home when we can be out as much as possible! We are a bonded pair, we have embarrassed our safe house mum with how bonded we are sometimes but she doesn’t know if we are boys or girls! We currently eat zupreem pellets and a treat of seed occasionally, we will try anything we’re not fussy! We also love to chew wood and strip branches too!! There’s another Conure who lives here and we’re ok with him, we don’t really pay him much attention. Our safehouse mum thinks we might be happier in an aviary but if anyone has got the time to put in with us we may come around but it’s not guaranteed.


Cage: Yes

Location: Doncaster

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