Name: Abe

Species: Orange Winged amazon

Description: Hi my name is Abe I’m a Orange Winged amazon. I’m 20years plus and was with my previous owner for 15yrs. I came to stay with my safe house mummy after one of my owners became unwell.
I have spent alot of time in my cage so am very nervous of people but love to watch and listen, especially to my bird friends who I am staying with.
I love a good whistle and can become quiet loud so please bear this in mind.
I LOVE going out into the outside cage for some sunlight and fresh air and adore a shower, I love water 😍.
I’ve not had much fruit and veg so this is a learning curve for me but I really love an orange and finally tried a raspberry.
My mummy changed my food but I’m liking the new seed mix I’m on.
I will need a good size cage to move into with plenty of toys especially wood, I like to chew.
I am used to dogs being around and my safe house mummy has a 5yr old but I’m not too keen on young children but better with teenagers.
I was previously around cats and do meow lol.. my mummy was wondering where the sound was coming from.

Cage: No

Donation fee: 150

Location: Essex

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