ASP reference: ASP242

Name: Deano

Species: Blue Fronted Amazon

Description: Deano was a very sad surrender, due to lady wanting him to have more attention than they could give him.
He was very attached to his previous owner and is more of a Ladies man.
Started clicker training, he doesn’t know how to step up. And will take food gentle from hand.
He talks a lot and can be loud when demanding attention.
He has a very good appetite and will try any fruit and veg or chop you put in with him. He’s been changed onto a tidy mix and eventually over to Harrison’s Pellets.
Loves a misting bath and his time out of his cage.
He needs an owner willing to spend time training and getting him used to being touched and continue the training to help him understand more.

Cage: Yes

Location: kent

Donation fee: £150

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