Ref: ASP236

Name : Chucky

Species : Yellow Fronted Amazon

Description : Hello. My name is Chucky and I’m a yellow crowned Amazon. We are unsure of my age but know that I’m over 13. I have been with my SH mum for a few weeks now, and she has worked hard to gain my trust and to change my diet. My SF Mum has introduced fruit and veg and i quite like it.
I don’t like men, so I need to have a female carer please. When I gain your trust, I am very loving and want to be with you all the time, I’m at my happiest sat on my SH mum’s shoulder. I love having tickles and it’s my favourite thing. There is another bird at my SH’s and I’d prefer to be an only bird please, I get very noisy when my SF mum talks to the other bird.
Due to my sad past, I just crave company and attention. I do have a cage, but will need a new one in the future. If you can offer me my forever home

Location : Devon

Cage : Yes

Donation Fee : £150 

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