Ref : ASP223

Name : Ozzy

Species : Lesser Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

Description : Hello everyone my name is ozzy and I’m a lesser sulphur crested cockatoo and I will be 16 years old on the 18th of August! My previous owners say I’m a boy but I’ve never had a dna test to confirm this. I came to the charity due to my previous owners being unable to give me the time I need, I lived with them from being a baby. At the moment I’m living with my safehouse mum danielle in Doncaster, there are some smaller humans and a husband that live here too, I do not like the husband at all and i always try to bite him so my new owners need to understand that I am most probably just a ladies bird. The little humans are ok, I tolerate them but will bite if I don’t like something they do and get a bit loud if they get too close to me safehouse mum, i get very jealous of other people near her, so again I don’t think I’m an all round family bird, just a one woman bird! There is another bird that lives here, a Conure called ziggy but I don’t pay him much attention, I haven’t shown any aggression to him either, we call to each other sometimes. There is also a dog that lives here that I’ve seen when I’ve been in the garden but she doesn’t come in to the room where I’m living and she doesn’t interest me either, I’m all about my safehouse mum! I came with p15 pellets and sunflower seeds and also a taste for naughty food which I haven’t been allowed to have whilst here however I do throw my food out my bowl if I want attention of if I think your food is more interesting so my safehouse mum takes my bowl out if anyone is eating! I have tried fruit and veg while here and I seem to enjoy both, I also love to crack and eat a walnut as a treat! I just love tickles and attention off my safehouse mum and will sometimes get very loud until she comes to me, I have stepped up a few times but go back to my cage if I get too far away from it but I am desperate to go to her but just a little bit nervous as I’m not the greatest flyer. I love being out of my cage and will tend to sit on top preening or watching the world go by, my safehouse mum is still working on getting my back in my cage on command but this is a working progress, I will eventually go back in on my own if I am hungry. On a night time I get covered up about 9pm and I am quiet as a mouse until I’m uncovered in the morning. As I am a cockatoo I can be very very loud sometimes and my new owner will need to take this into consideration when applying for me, I’m a bit messy too! All in all my safehouse mum says I’m the most beautiful bird who will make a very good companion for a very long time, she thinks I might be a little bit too attached to her which wouldn’t be a problem if she didn’t have to share her attention, once I make a bond i think it will be for life. I do have a cage with some toys in but my safehouse mum thinks it’s far too small for me so I will need you to buy me a new cage with some more perches and toys! If you think I am the right companion for you then please email your interest to the charity. Lots of love Ozzy

Location : Doncaster

Cage : Yes

Donation fee : £0 I’m Cites

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