Name: Cecil

Species: Black Capped Conure

Description: Hello everyone, I have recently joined ASP and feel I’m ready for my new home. I’m coming up 6 months old so I still need a lot of training as I didn’t really come out of my cage in my previous home. I will need lots of exercise out of the cage to fly around and explore… One thing I will say is I’m a bit naughty when you try to catch me. I don’t like going back of my own accord.
I’m now coming of my horrid sunflower mix seed and liking the healthier clean one, but like all us birds we like to chuck out the bits we don’t like!!
My safehouse mums give me fresh veg in the mornings but not too sure just yet but I do have a try.
I’m still quite nervous of humans but will come around over time when I find my security. I love my toys, swing and cardboard tube where I snug down at night.. I do have a cage but may need a bigger one. Please consider my needs before you apply to adopt me. Looking forward to my new venture.

Age: 5 months, I’m a baby still

Location: Essex

Cage: Yes

Donation fee: £100

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