Reference : ASP206

Name: Billy

Species: African Grey

Description: Hello my name is Billy. I have been with my safehouse mum for a while now and I am looking for my forever home. When I’m first arrived I would attack as soon as any hands came near me. I’m now starting to build up confidence and my safehouse mum can now put her hands in my cage without me lunging at her. When she walks in the room I walk towards her for a head scratch but won’t tolerate it for too long only because I’m a nervous boy. When she walks out I whistle for her attention to come back in and I’ve now started blowing kisses at her.  I love time out of my cage especially hiding underneath and I enjoy shredding boxes etc. I share my house with other birds and 2 little humans. I’m in a routine and go to bed between 7-8 pm.  My favourite treat is walnut halves and I would  eat them all day long if allowed. I need someone who is confident with me so that I can be confident with them, then in time we can become best friends. This will be a slow progress if you take me home so you will need lots of time and Patience. I’m currently eating Johnson and Jeff lean and fit.

Location: Scunthorpe

Cage: No

Donation Fee: £0 as i am CITES

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