ASP reference: ASP189

Species: African Grey

Name: Dave

Description: Dave is in his 30s , his a very large and powerful boy who will take advantage if he can, he needs out of his cage every day as he can be very very defensive of his space , due to this he should be a only bird as he will attack any other birds in his space , he loves to eat veggies that are boiled and fresh fruit, he needs a tidy mixture of seed as a dry food. Since his been here his learnt to step up etc , he can fly but chooses not to most of time , he can talk again but won’t until he feels safe etc , he came to me in a small cage which I’ve enlarged with other cages but really would benefit from a new large cage , as I said he is a very large grey . I feel that I’ve done as much as I can with Dave and he will be better on his own with one on one training ( experience only)


Location: Lincoln

Cage: Yes

Donation Fee: £0 I’m Cites

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