Name : Nelly

Species : Senegal Parrot

Description :  Nelly is a intelligent female Senegal that likes to think she’s the boss of the house hold. Must be in a household that lets her be almost free range due to this. Nelly doesn’t bite unless your putting her back in her cage which is more her trying to defend wanting to stay out. Enjoys being on high up perches, head strokes and whistling tunes. Eats most fruit and veg although loves chucking most of it on the floor for the fun of it. Will tolerate children under supervision, fine with men and woman. Likes having other birds around but not out at the same time as her or she will try to bite them.

Location : Swindon

Cage : NO

Donation Fee : £100

You Must be a Gold Star membership to adopt any of the parrot from ASP


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