Name : Lily

Species : African grey

Description : Lily is a mature African grey parrot, understood to be about 25 years old and is in good physical health. She has spent the last 20 plus years with the same owner who can no longer look after her for health reasons. She has had long term plucking issues resulting in her being partly bald but she has not been clipped and is capable of strong flight.
She likes to eat sunflower seeds, general parrot mix and dried banana but will only eat grapes, apple and fresh banana from the fresh options. She has had a diet in the past that included human food such as pizza, curry and almost anything her owners were eating and seems to want to continue this as she enjoys joining in a meal, whatever is on the table. If there is tea or coffee on the go she wants some.
She lives happily in her cage but if there is someone around she craves attention but is not easy to get out. Eventually she makes her own way out. She is very afraid of a loose perch so can’t be got out that way. Eventually when she does come out she is sociable with humans but afraid of other birds. Although nervous to begin with she does bond with people and can be very loving. She enjoys spending as much time as possible on someone’s shoulder or just being out of the cage on a perch.
She has a very extensive vocabulary, even with a northern accent, though some is difficult to understand. At night when she sees her cage cover she says “night night”. In addition she whistles some tunes and if there is music on or she is singing she will dance her head around playfully. When she is in the cage her favourite toy is a cardboard box. Other toys seem to have little appeal. In or out of the cage she is content and doesn’t demand to be let out so being left for periods of time is not a problem.
She would ideally suit someone who can give her personal attention without the distraction of other birds. However, she is quite happy with cats and dogs around her. We had been told that she favours men but since being with us she hasn’t displayed any preference and happily interacted with women.

Location : Essex

Cage : No

Donation fee : No I am Cites

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