ASP ref: ASP165

Species: Conure

Name: Pea Pea

Description: Man’s best friends needs to be a male owner as she bites females. She is lovely full feathered green conure. Very healthy. She says pea poo and she likes it when u say it back she will sit on a man’s shoulder and have food she like banana chips she likes trying new fruits she likes apples. She likes her bed in her cages as she sleeps on top of it. And likes being at front of cage observing everything. She likes being covered at night and starts about 7.30 8 in the morning saying peapoo. She likes being out her cage and in her cage she will step up but sometimes bites she is very cage obsessed but once she has calmed down she mite let u tickle her. She sits on your shoulder and likes a tickle

Cage: Yes

Location: Dorset

Donation Fee: £75

Tu must be a gold star member to adopt any of the birds from ASP


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