ASP146 – Rudy and Precious  – Lovebirds

We are in the process of being adopted 

Name : Rudy and Precious

Species : Lovebird

Description : Rudy and Precious are two peach faced love birds both are 5 years old..
Precious the female is a cheeky adventurous little lady and loves flying to you and using you as a landing platform.
Her other half Rudy is more independent as he does his own thing and watches his lovely precious from afar.
He is also an escape artist as he opens doors on their cage and lets himself out so I have put a clip on every door.
A new cage will be required as the one that they are in is too small and no good for them.
Both of them are stunning and to be honest I would have them in a heartbeat but I need space to carry on helping other birds by being a safehouse for those that need it.

Location : Sussex area

Cage : Yes but need a new one

Donation Fee : £0



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