Name : Mack

Species : Timneh African Grey

Description : Mack is an 18-year-old Timneh grey. He is quite nervous and is not hand tame but will take food from you gently and will say hello when you present him with a treat. Mack has a love for walnuts and will do almost anything for one. Mack has lived a sheltered life and been contained in his cage for most of his life, he likes his toys and takes a while to adjust to new toys and needs time. Since being with us Mack has had a lot of time out of his cage but generally prefers to sit and watch the world go by, he doesn’t fly unless he is spooked and previously looks as though he has previously his wings clipped at some point. Mack’s not keen on fresh veg and fruit but does like corn on the cob and enjoys this treat even though he makes a mess. Mack had previously been fed a poor diet but is now adjusted to a health tidy mix. Mack would benefit from a quiet home with no children since he can be cage aggressive and quite nervous and has a tendency to nip you if you stand too close to the cage. Mack has a range of vocabulary, whistling and will shout for attention, he does know a few naughty words but when told not to swear he does seem to take notice. Overall, he is a loving bird particularly with men and would love to be the centre of attention, I think this would help bring him out of his shell.

Location : Lincolnshire

Cage : Yes

Donation fee : £0 I am Cites

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