*Required – Home check by an All Star Parrots Welfare Officer and a Gold Membership which can be purchased from our online shop


ASP adoption process  aim to ensure that all parrots ready for adoption are placed in the best suited home. This is to meet the needs of the parrot(s). All adoption homes will be required to have a home check by one of our welfare officers. The home check needs to be approved by the trustees of All Star Parrots.  In addition to this adoption carer must be a fully paid lifelong member of the organisation.

Below is the All Star Parrot’s adoption process.

Interested adoption carer must apply in writing to the welfare director  it is useful to include as much detail as possible to why you feel you can offer the best care to meet the needs of the individual bird.  Once the application is received the welfare director will start the process of working through applications and shortlisting all that are felt to suitable matches for that bird. If unsuccessful you will be notified in writing with an explanation why the decision is made

Successful applicants will then be contacted (via a preferred method of contact) and further discussions take place, this may include preparations needed prior to adoption of the bird, transportation, and any other information that may arise. In all cases of adoption and/or long term foster, no bird will enter the care of the home until full payment of lifelong membership, any adoption fees (excluding CITES) is received in full to the charities accounts. Adoption carer will complete a paper copy of the All Star Parrots Adoption agreement/Long term foster agreement, this will be signed and dated by the named adoptee and welfare trustee.

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