ASP reference: ASP275

Name: Mrs Bird ( Dolly)

Species: Orange winged amazon

Description: Mrs Dolly Bird has been with us for only two weeks. Strangely she came from an all female house but has really attached herself to me and does not wish to know Linda at all, growling when she offers a hand. I have never had an Amazon before but am sure she is in full breeding mode at present. I feel she needs to go to a male, she is happy to come to the hand but prefers the shoulder. Very adventurous and needs watching as she is a bit of a chewer. She has a huge cage so home will need a large space for her. Lots of whistles and noises but not much speech have heard come ‘here’ repeated and a poor ‘hello’. She also does some barking noises. I could deliver the cage if not too far away, it will flat pack or you would need a van or very large people carrier. Eating well fruit veg and seed although she was on pretty bird pellets. 

Cage: Yes

Location: Dorset

Donation fee: £150

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