ASP Ref: ASP225

Name: Bob

Species: African Grey

Description: My name is Bob I am an African grey with lots to give.
I’ve been with my safe house mummy for about 3 months.
I am a great bird with lots to give,
I am a good talker and would spend all day out my cage if I could.
My safe house mum doesn’t know a lot about my past but I’ve previously been a plucker, my feathers are growing back but if my SH mum tried to put me away and I don’t want too I’ll pull feathers out.
I will happily sit on your lap all day while you rub my head.
I am a great flyer and currently live with another African grey. I can live with other birds.
I have so much to give. If you think you can offer me a 5* home please contact

Location: Devon

Cage: No

Donation fee: £0 I am CITES

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