Reference: ASP172

Name: Scooby

Species: African grey 

Description: Hi my name is scooby I’m an African gray and I’m about 10 years old . I’m very loving towards my foster mummy but not to my foster dad I do bite and I’m mean to him and will go for a walk and a fly to go and bite him., when mum tells me no I will back off. But I will let dad get me out to have some fun . I’m very hormonal and try and regenerate on my mum and when I’m out I try and make nest on the sofa .
I’m a good eater I’m on tidymix and I also like cooked veg and my fruit my favourite is pomegranate and grapes and some of my mums toast sometimes.
I do have one big issue which is my feather plucking and it’s quite back , I’ve plucked my legs chest and part of my wings , but my foster mum Is trying had to help me I have a special light – calcium in my water and when I let her some antiseptic skin care to sooth my skin.
If you talk to me in my cage I will pull out my pin feathers coming through.
But I’m a good talker and love to whistle I do it more when everyone leaves the room , I tell myself jokes and have a giggle and blow raspberries when you walk away and lots more . I pick up new sounds and whistles quite quick .
I really love my toys especially wood ones I chew them up for ages which is good as if keeps me distracted , I’m a little scared with new things and take a little time to get use it them .
I hoping to find my forever home as I’m only young and have a lot of years to give loads of love xx


Cage: Yes

Location: Southampton

Donation fee: £0 Cites

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