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ASP ref: ASP387

Name: Charlie

Species: African Grey

Description: Everyone meet Charlie, he’s been in the charity for a little while under assessment.
When Charlie came into ASP we only had basic information on him. His a gecis unknown and while in lockdown it has given us time to get to know Charlie a little better.
He is doing so well and really starting to shine. He is starting to trust,  building confidence and wanting so badly to step up. He allows his safehouse carer to give him head scratches and holds onto his finger with one foot. He likes to mouth you as becoming more confident and doesn’t feel the need to bite now. When Charlie is in unfamiliar places he will step up as will want to be where he feels most secure.
Charlie is eating well, he is on a seed mix and enjoys a variety of fruit and vegetables. He has been offered pellet but just throws it out.
At bedtime Charlie dislikes going into his cage so maybe with a little work is to offer him a little treat to get him in his cage for bed. Charlie will need a male carer and doesnt like women. He’s very talkative and loves to sit and whistle away.
Charlie needs a home where he is able to build his trust and confidence in humans in his own time.
He is a great bird, he just needs a forever home to settle in.

Cage: Yes

Location: Dorset

Donation fee: £0 I’m Cited

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