ASP Ref: ASP406A

Name: Rocky

Species: African Grey

Description: Rocky is 22-23 years old.
Sadly, owing to his previous owner’s ill health he had not been out of his cage for four years! He is a big, friendly African Grey and is very affectionate to men.
He does like to sit on my husband and have his head stroked for hours on end.
Here he enjoys coming out and sitting on the top of his cage. He never makes any attempt to go back in, so, we have ensured that he has short spells out as he always seems hungry when returned to his cage. We are not sure whether he can fly.
He is willing to try many different fruit and vegetables when offered.
He enjoys spending time on his swing but has little interest in the toys that we have offered.
He does pluck, and, his previous owner said she sprayed him on occasions in order to distract him.
He whistles many a happy tune and does different electronic sounds but up to now we have not heard any recognisable words.
Unsure about children, used to dogs in the home.

Age: approx. 22 years

Cage: Yes

Location: Billericay, Essex.

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