ASP Reference : ASP201

Name : Pogo

Species : Green cheek conure

Description : Pogo is a very intelligent & playful Conure. He prefers women but is okay with men. Pogo has a cute trick of waving on command & trying to talk. He loves joining you for a shower & can be seen on his back in his little hammock at bedtime. Pogo is playful & enjoys his toys and interacting with his favourite humans. Like any Conure Pogo can be a little nippy but given time he learns not to. He has been harnessed trained although I’ve not tried him on a harness since he came to the charity. Also he has learnt the basics for clicker training & spinning around on command. Although small he has more character than most larger parrots. His home is a nice cage which is just the right size, his diet is Tropican pellets with fruit & veg
If you would like to apply to adopt Pogo then please send an email with your interest to
Pogo comes with a cage and is based in Lancashire.

Location : Lancashire

Cage : Yes

Donation fee : £75

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