Yoshi and Goose

Reference number – ASP58/59

Bird name -Yoshi and Goose

Species – Yellow fronted  amazon  and white fronted Amazon

Description –   Yoshi and Goose are  bonded pair of amazon parrots. Goose is smaller ( white fronted amazon ) than Yoshi ( yellow fronted amazon ) and love being together,,,
Goose don’t speak but Yoshi will say lots of things like hello. Alright, good boy ,come on they can be vary loud at time they love being out of they cage and are happy to sit on top of it, they like Apple and cucumber and some nuts, Being a bonded pair, they have each other and don’t need humans except for feeding them, they will step up but this is something that will need working on  more when they find their forever home.

Age –   years old

Location – Bedford

Cage supplied – Yes

Donation fee – £150

You will need to be a paid supporter/member (Gold Star  £50 ) to adopt any Parrot from All Star Parrots.


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